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Brand Souls

Written by SVN member Jared Levy, Founder, Guru Media Solutions Several years ago the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are to be treated as individuals in the eyes of the law. I certainly don’t agree with that as it pertains to campaign donations and oth...
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How Whites Can Navigate the New Digital Divide

Written by Evan Coller, Social Venture Network This weekend, at SVN’s 2013 Spring Conference, Cheryl Contee brilliantly called on white business leaders to Wake Up! and help bridge what she calls the New Digital Divide. Cheryl Contee was the only young black woma...
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Making Media Moments at Social Venture Network

Social Venture Network (SVN) is a membership organization comprised of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs – or, as I call us, socialpreneurs — who are working to create positive impact through their enterprises.  This weekend is SVN’s Annual Spring Gath...
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