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Leading the Way Through Collaboration

Written by Liz Smith, MBA Candidate at Bainbridge Graduate Institute People are the greatest asset within our organizations, and it is through the quality of their collaboration that we get the most out of their contributions. Yet creating a culture of collaboration ...
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At the Social Venture Network, good work means working for good

Guest post by Lindsay Goldwert, Hotwire PR, @lindsaygoldwert There’s nothing wrong with doing good while making profit. In fact, there’s a whole business model based around the very idea. The business of doing good was the topic of at hand at the Social Venture N...
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A Moment for Focus on the Larger Purpose

Author’s note: I see the Social Venture Network as a place to learn, experiment, and interact with some of the world’s foremost thought leaders. Through SVN I met Eileen Fisher of EILEEN FISHER, INC.; it was Eileen who introduced Judith Katz (my business partner) ...
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